Golf Etiquette

  1. Do not force golfing theories on your friends.
  2. The lowest handicapper in each group of players is automatically appointed Captain of that group. It is that person’s responsibility to see that play progresses without delay and that etiquette generally is maintained.
  3. The Etiquette of Golf as printed in the ‘Rules of Golf’ shall be observed at all times.
  4. Don’t move or talk when another player is making a stroke.
  5. Always play without delay. Slower groups should call faster groups through regardless of the number in either group. Call players through if you have lost your position or if you have lost a ball. Don’t hold up the course.
  6. Practice on the course is allowed only when you are not delaying play and you must use a maximum of two balls only.
  7. Always replace or repair divots.
  8. Protect greens by repairing ball marks. Be careful walking on greens and avoid making sprig marks and scrapes. Do not use putter to retrieve ball from cup. SOFT SPIKES ONLY.
  9. Smooth sand when leaving bunkers.
  10. Keep your course tidy. Containers are provided for rubbish, so please use them.
  11. Displays of bad sportsmanship will NOT BE TOLERATED.
  12. Keep Carts well away from greens, mounds, wet areas and tees.
  13. If you see someone about to break a rule, stop the person before it happens. If you see someone break a rule, you must confront the person then and there. It is no good complaining afterward. If there is any uncertainty over a Strokeplay Rule, play another ball under Rule 3-3 and the problem can be resolved at the completion of the round. Matchplay must be resolved before teeing off at the next hole.